Aliya bhatt very funny jokes in hindi

Alia Bhatt is so dumb that she thought Pani Puri, Sev Puri are all relatives of Amrish Puri.
Chetan Bhagat: What’s the opposite of IIT?
Alia: U UCoffee.

Arnab: What’s the first name of Modi?
Alia: Abki Baar.

Scene: Alia Bhatt on KBC
Q. Alia, which of the following is the largest?
A. A Peanut
B. An Elephant
C. The Moon
D. A Kettle

Alia: It’s B. An Elephant…

Scene: Boman Irani asks Alia
Boman: Alia do you know MS office?
Alia: If you tell me the address I ll know.

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